About us

Welcome New Friend!
We would like to introduce ourselves so that you can see that we are a small family owned business. I, Kristine Traucht, along with my husband Marty and our three girls Ahriana, Megan, and Natalie started making our own health and wellness products in 2010. We started with herbal teas to ease colds, added in balms to heal dry cracked skin, and eventually started making almost all our own wellness products. This was very important to me as I watched how stress and the rigors of work and school impacted my family. I felt that if we put some effort into taking care of ourselves using therapeutic amentities it would improve our quality of life. I was right!

After a while, we began sharing our handmade wellness products with our family and friends as well; a grandma with dry skin, a friend with a persistent cough, a nephew who couldn’t use commercial soaps. Every person that we had given our products told us (sometimes multiple times and very forcefully!) that we should be selling them. And that is how, friends, that our little shop was born.

The Floating Market is a name that we chose with great care to represent our shoppe. We wished to convey our deep ties to the country of Thailand, where we get many of our ingredients and products, as well as create an image that encompassed the craftsmanship of the products that we offer.

In Thailand, the floating market commences early in the morning. People board their long boats loaded down with their wares and proceed along the canals to conduct their daily business. Each boat carries ingredients that are handpicked and products that are handmade each day. The colors and smells all along the market are quite wondrous, evoking feelings of curiosity and joy as you explore each passing boat. Our shoppe aspires to recreate this reaction right here in the US.

We carry an abundant array of bath and body products that are handcrafted out of premium ingredients. They are both artistic and functional, offering customers unique high quality products that are unlike anything else currently on the market.
It is our genuine desire that you enjoy each and every one of our products and that they bring joy, good health, and wellbeing into your heart and home.

With Metta (loving kindness),
Kristine & Marty Traucht
The Floating Market